Bulkpowder Lab

The Bulkpowder Lab is used for powder generation out of elements by high energy ball milling and powder compaction by spark plasma sintering or arc melting. The focus is on the processing of thermoelectric materials for high and low temperature applications.


    • Glovebox-cluster for powder preparation with integrated high energy ball mill Spex 8000D
    • Mini Arc Melter MAM-1 (T_max: 3500°C, vacuum, Ar)
    • Sintermachine KCE-FCT H-HP D25-5D/FL (T_max:2200°C, F_max: 250 kN, vacuum, Ar, He)
    • Hydraulic press


    Peggy Hädrich

    Room: D 1E.08
    Phone: +49 351 4659 1143