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Name Fedorov, Dr. Alexander
Abteilung Synchrotron Methods (1107)
Funktion Group Leader
E-Mail a.fedorov(at)ifw-dresden.de
ResearcherID K-7062-2013

Short CV

Group leader 2017-present IFW-Dresden

  • Electronic and optical properties of graphene/TMDC heterostructures.
  • Electronic structure of unconventional superconductors and correlated materials.
  • Design and operation of chalcogen MBE systems at Bessy II radiation source and in IFW-Dresden.
  • Maintenance and upgrade of UE112 PGM-2 beamline at Bessy II radiation source.

Scientific associate/ PhD student  and Postdoctoral Fellow 2014-2017 Universität zü Köln, II Physiskalisches institut

  • Design and assembly of UHV Raman system.
  • Electronic and optical properties of doped graphene and graphene nanoribbons .

Scientific associate/ PhD student  2012-2014 IFW-Dresden

  • PhD thesis:" Electronic properties and superconductivity of doped graphene."
  • Design and assembly of Laser based pump-probe ARPES.

Scientific associate/ Master  Student  2010-2012 St. Petersburg State University:

  • Master thesis: "Electronic properties of graphene and hexagonal boron nitride monolayer."
  • Photoelectron and X-Ray Adsorption spectroscopy •
  • AFM probe for metallography.