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Name Kocsis, Dr. Vilmos
Funktion Postdoctoral Researcher
Telefonnummer +49-351-4659-279
E-Mail v.kocsis(at)ifw-dresden.de
ResearcherID D-2777-2017
GoogleScholar https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=QpFIowYAAAAJ&hl=en&oi=ao

Research Interests

  • Room temperature magnetoelectric multiferroics
  • Magnetoelectricity
  • Optical magnetoelectric effects
  • Optical spectroscopy
  • Thermal Transport in multiferroics

Work Experience

2020 -

Postdoctoral Researcher, Alexander von Humboldt fellow,
Transport and Scanning Probe Microscopy Research Team, IFF – IFW-Dresden, Germany


2019 – 2020

Postdoctoral Researcher,
Magnetic Properties Research Team, IFF – IFW-Dresden, Germany


2016 – 2019

Postdoctoral Researcher,
Strong Correlation Materials Research Group, Center for Emergent Matter Science, RIKEN, Japan