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Name Rosenkranz, Marco
Abteilung Nanoscale Chemistry (1006)
Funktion Chemielaborant, Technischer Mitarbeiter, Laserschutzbeauftragter der Gruppe "Nanoscale Chemistry"

Scientific contributions



Y. Hao, G. Velkos, S. Schiemenz, M. Rosenkranz, Y. Wang, B. Büchner, S. Avdoshenko, A. Popov, F. Liu
Using internal strain and mass to modulate Dy⋯Dy coupling and relaxation of magnetization in heterobimetallic metallofullerenes DyM2N@C80 and Dy2MN@C80 (M = Sc, Y, La, Lu)
Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers 10, 468-484 (2023) URL

M. Rosenkranz, S. Leßny, B. Noecker, S. Breakspear, E. Dmitrieva
Formation of free radicals in human hair under strain: Combined electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) – Strain technique
Talanta 249, 123707/1-7 (2022) URL

A. Purtsas, M. Rosenkranz, E. Dmitrieva, O. Kataeva, H.-J. Knölker
Iron‐Catalyzed Oxidative C–O and C–N Coupling Reactions Using Air as Sole Oxidant
Chemistry - A European Journal 28, e202104292/1-9 (2022) URL

P. Lepucki, A.I. Egunov, M. Rosenkranz, R. Huber, A. Mirhajivarzaneh, D.D. Karnaushenko, A.P. Dioguardi, D. Karnaushenko, B. Büchner, O.G. Schmidt, H. Grafe
Self‐Assembled Rolled‐Up Microcoils for nL Microfluidics NMR Spectroscopy
Advanced Materials Technologies 6, 2000679/1-10 (2021) URL

Y. Wang, G. Velkos, N. Israel, M. Rosenkranz, B. Büchner, F. Liu, A. Popov
Electrophilic Trifluoromethylation of Dimetallofullerene Anions en Route to Air-Stable Single-Molecule Magnets with High Blocking Temperature of Magnetization
Journal of the American Chemical Society 143, 18139–18149 (2021) URL

M.R. Ajayakumar, J. Ma, A. Lucotti, K.S. Schellhammer, G. Serra, E. Dmitrieva, M. Rosenkranz, H. Komber, J. Liu, F. Ortmann, M. Tommasini, X. Feng
Persistent peri‐Heptacene: Synthesis and In‐Situ Characterization
Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 60, 13853-13858 (2021) URL

M. Gerwig, A.S. Ali, D. Neubert, S. Polster, U. Böhme, G. Franze, M. Rosenkranz, A. Popov, I. Ponomarev, M.P.M. Jank, C. Viehweger, E. Brendler, L. Frey, P. Kroll, E. Kroke
From Cyclopentasilane to Thin‐Film Transistors
Advanced Electronic Materials 7, 2000422/1-13 (2021) URL

L. Spree, F. Liu, V. Neu, M. Rosenkranz, G. Velkos, Y. Wang, S. Schiemenz, J. Dreiser, P. Gargiani, M. Valvidares, C. Chen, B. Büchner, S. Avdoshenko, A. Popov
Robust Single Molecule Magnet Monolayers on Graphene and Graphite with Magnetic Hysteresis up to 28 K
Advanced Functional Materials 31, 2105516/1-7 (2021) URL

M.S. Bogar, S. Beuermann, E. Dmitrieva, M. Drache, U. Gohs, U. Kunz, T. Lemmermann, M. Rosenkranz, M. Stehle, C. Zschech
Quantitative EPR study of poly(vinylidene fluoride) activated by electron beam treatment
Radiation Physics and Chemistry 184, 109421/1-26 (2021) URL

M. Korb, X. Liu, S. Walz, M. Rosenkranz, E. Dmitrieva, A. Popov, H. Lang
(Electrochemical) Properties and Computational Investigations of Ferrocenyl-substituted Fe33-PFc)2(CO)9 and Co44-PFc)2(CO)9 Clusters and Their Reduced Species
Inorganic Chemistry 59, 6147–6160 (2020) URL

M. Schulz, N. Hagmeyer, F. Wehmeyer, G. Lowe, M. Rosenkranz, B. Seidler, A.A. Popov, C. Streb, J.G. Vos, B. Dietzek
Photoinduced Charge Accumulation and Prolonged Multielectron Storage for the Separation of Light and Dark Reaction
Journal of the American Chemical Society 142, 15722-15728 (2020) URL

A. Pykhova, O. Semivrazhskaya, N.S. Samoylova, A. Rybalchenko, M. Rosenkranz, I. Ioffe, A.A. Popov, A. Goryunkov
Addition of CF2 group to endohedral fullerene Sc3N@Ih-C80
Dalton Transactions 49, 9137-9147 (2020) URL

S. Intorp, M. Hodecker, M. Müller, O. Tverskoy, M. Rosenkranz, E. Dmitrieva, A. Popov, F. Rominger, J. Freudenberg, A. Dreuw, U. Bunz
Quinoidal Azaacenes: 99% Diradical Character
Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 59, 12396-12401 (2020) URL

R. Zaripov, Y. Kandrashkin, K. Salikhov, B. Büchner, F. Liu, M. Rosenkranz, A. Popov, V. Kataev
Unusually large hyperfine structure of the electron spin levels in an endohedral dimetallofullerene and its spin coherent properties
Nanoscale 12, 20513-20521 (2020) URL

E. Dmitrieva, M. Rosenkranz, Y. Alesanco, A. Viñuales
Spectroelectrochemical study of alkyl-aryl asymmetric viologens in poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) – borax electrolyte
Electrochimica Acta 323, 134792 (2019) URL

F. Liu, G. Velkos, D.S. Krylov, L. Spree, M. Zalibera, R. Ray, N.A. Samoylova, C.H. Chen, M. Rosenkranz, S. Schiemenz, F. Ziegs, K. Nenkov, A. Kostanyan, T. Greber, A. Wolter-Giraud, M. Richter, B. Büchner, S. Avdoshenko, A. Popov
Air-stable redox-active nanomagnets with lanthanide spins radical-bridged by a metal-metal bond
Nature Communications 10, 571/1-11 (2019) URL

L. Schnaubelt, H. Petzold, E. Dmitrieva, M. Rosenkranz, H. Lang
A solvent- and temperature-dependent intramolecular equilibrium of diamagnetic and paramagnetic states in Co complexes bearing triaryl amines
Dalton Transactions 47, 1-10 (2018) URL

E. Dmitrieva, M. Rosenkranz, J.S. Danilova, E.A. Smirnova, M.P. Karushev, I.A. Chepurnaya, A.M. Timonov
Radical formation in polymeric nickel complexes with N2O2 Schiff base ligands: An in situ ESR and UV-–vis–-NIR spectroelectrochemical study
Electrochimica Acta 283, 1742-1752 (2018) URL

E. Dmitrieva, M. Rosenkranz, Y. Alesanco, A. Vinuales
The reduction mechanism of p-cyanophenylviologen in PVA-borax gel polyelectrolyte-based bicolor electrochromic devices
Electrochimica Acta 292, 81-87 (2018) URL

N.A. Samoylova, S.M. Avdoshenko, D.S. Krylov, H.R. Thompson, A.C. Kirkhorn, M. Rosenkranz, S. Schiemenz, F. Ziegs, A.U.B. Wolter, S. Yang, S. Stevenson, A.A. Popov
Confining the spin between two metal atoms within the carbon cage: redox-active metal-metal bonds in dimetallofullerenes and their stable cation radicals
Nanoscale 9, 7977-7990 (2017) URL

K. Lepicka, P. Pieta, A. Shkurenko, P. Borowicz, M. Majewska, M. Rosenkranz, S. Avdoshenko, A.A. Popov, W. Kutner
Spectroelectrochemical Approaches to Mechanistic Aspects of Charge Transport in meso-Nickel(II) Schiff Base Electrochromic Polymer
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121, 16710-16720 (2017) URL

L. Schnaubelt, H. Petzold, J.M. Speck, E. Dmitrieva, M. Rosenkranz, M. Korb
Redox properties and electron transfer in a triarylamine-substituted HS-Co2+/LS-Co3+ redox couple
Dalton Transactions 46, 2690-2698 (2017) URL

F. Liu, D.S. Krylov, L. Spree, S.M. Avdoshenko, N.A. Samoylova, M. Rosenkranz, A. Kostanyan, T. Greber, A. Wolter-Giraud, B. Büchner, A. Popov
Single molecule magnet with an unpaired electron trapped between two lanthanide ions inside a fullerene
Nature Communications 8, 16098/1-9 (2017) URL

K. Junghans, K.B. Ghiassi, N.A. Samoylova, Q.M. Deng, M. Rosenkranz, M.M. Olmstead, A.L. Balch, A.A. Popov
Synthesis and Isolation of the Titanium-Scandium Endohedral Fullerenes-Sc2TiC@Ih-C-80, Sc2TiC@D-5h-C-80 and Sc2TiC2@I-h-C-80: Metal Size Tuning of the Ti-IV/Ti-III Redox Potentials
Chemistry - A European Journal 22, 13098-13107 (2016) URL

K. Junghans, M. Rosenkranz, A.A. Popov
Sc3CH@C80: selective 13C enrichment of the central carbon atom
Chemical Communications 52, 6561-6564 (2016) URL

Y. Zhang, D. Krylov, M. Rosenkranz, S. Schiemenz, A.A. Popov
Magnetic anisotropy of endohedral lanthanide ions: paramagnetic NMR study of MSc2N@C80-Ih with M running through the whole 4f row
Chemical Science 6, 2328-2341 (2015) URL

M. Zalibera, P. Machata, T.T. Clikeman, M. Rosenkranz, S.H. Strauss, O.V. Boltalina, A.A. Popov
19F NMR-, ESR-, and vis-NIR-spectroelectrochemical study of the unconventional reduction behaviour of a perfluoroalkylated fullerene: dimerization of the C70(CF3)10- radical anion
Analyst 140, 7209-7216 (2015) URL

U. Pfaff, A. Hildebrandt, M. Korb, D. Schaarschmidt, M. Rosenkranz, A. Popov, H. Lang
Five-Membered Heterocycles as Linking Units in Strongly Coupled Homobimetallic Group 8 Metal Half-Sandwich Complexes
Organometallics 34, 2826-2840 (2015) URL

A. Benke, E. Mehner, M. Rosenkranz, E. Dmitrieva, T. Leisegang, H. Stoecker, W. Pompe, D.C. Meyer
Pyroelectrically Driven OH Generation by Barium Titanate and Palladium Nanoparticles
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119, 18278-18286 (2015) URL

K. Junghans, C. Schlesier, A. Kostanyan, N.A. Samoylova, Q. Deng, M. Rosenkranz, S. Schiemenz, R. Westerstroem, T. Greber, B. Büchner, A.A. Popov
Methane as a Selectivity Booster in the Arc-Discharge Synthesis of Endohedral Fullerenes: Selective Synthesis of the Single-Molecule Magnet Dy2TiC@C80 and Its Congener Dy2TiC2@C80
Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 54, 13411-13415 (2015) URL

A Liska, M. Rosenkranz, J. Klima, L. Dunsch, P. Lhotak, J. Ludvik
Formation and proof of stable bi-, tri- and tetraradical polyanions during the electrochemical reduction of cone-polynitrocalix[4]arenes. An ESR-UV-vis spectroelectrochemical study
Electrochimica Acta 140, 572-578 (2014) URL

P. Rapta, K. Haubner, P. Machata, V. Lukes, M. Rosenkranz, S. Schiemenz, S. Klod, H. Kivelae, C. Kvarnstroem, H. Hartmann, L. Dunsch
Charged states in diphenylamino endcapped thiophenes with a 1,4- phenylenecore: In situ electron spin resonance/ultraviolet–visible–near infrared and nuclearmagnetic resonance spectroelectrochemistry and quantum chemical study
Electrochimica Acta 110, 670-680 (2013) URL